QuietGrowth is an automated, online investment management service. We manage your investments to achieve optimised returns, for a low fee. We are the most advanced online investment adviser in Australia. We manage, with a long-term perspective, a risk-optimised and diversified portfolio of ETFs having low expense ratios, for our clients. You can invest with us in Individual, Joint, SMSF, and Trust accounts.
Our mission is to provide access to wise investing to all, through knowledge, technology and transparency.   
I was tasked with the challenge of re-transforming QuietGrowth’s existing identity and visual language with an enhanced a multi-platform digital experience.My solution keeps focus on the characteristics of the QuietGrowth brand, while combining a bold sense of journey via imagery, iconography, styling and its strong typographic system. Starting with a rigorous research and discovery phase, I set out to tackle a set of deliverables that would ensure the enhanced designs offered tangible value to QuietGrowth’s online customers for years to come. This process branched over a range of assets including but not limited to quietgrowth.com.au, quietgrowth.com. quietgrowthforadvisers.com, quietgrowthtech.com, and smartphone counterparts for iOS and Android systems. Consequently, this will result in a simple, well considered user experience that allows sharing of knowledge, accessibility to an advanced technology and a better understanding on investment and advisory methodologies through transparency.
— Research & Concept Design
— Prototyping & User Experience Design through testing
— User Interface Design
— Rebranding
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