Connected car eco-system. IUNGO.COM.AU 
Engine Diagnostics Data – iungo’s eagle-i reads data from the vehicle’s computer systems so that you can keep a track of your vehicle’s health
GPS Data – Inbuilt GPS antenna keeps a track of your vehicle’s position in real time whether parked or in motion. This helps with registering all your trips, including start and stop addresses and trip routes
Motion Sensor – Inbuilt accelerometer provides information about sudden incidents such as hard braking or rapid acceleration, and even accidents
SIM Connectivity – 3G Cellular connectivity so that your vehicle is always connected

Intuitive and easy to use web portal. Integrated with 3rd party data from syndicated sources (e.g. speed limits) to make better sense of your vehicle’s data.

We are currently developing the mobile app for iOS and Android. Stay tuned for further updates.
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